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Four Types of Freelance Teachers

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Professionals have already acquired status in their field that translates into authority and income. Typical examples are senior teachers, full professors, consultants, technicians, and speakers viewed and hired as leaders in their field. They're often retired, but seeking new ways to use their teaching skills.



Experts have a deep passion for their field of interest, making them well versed on the subject. But their current situation, status or income doesn’t reflect their depth of expertise. They may need guidance in translating what they know to digital formats for an online audience.



Practitioners don’t yet have the depth of experience of the professional, but are in the trenches working in their respective fields. Typical examples are teachers, professors, trainers and coaches who are early in their careers. They may be seeking a “side hustle” while holding a regular job.



Enthusiasts are hobbyists and aficionados. They’re not experts, but possess content knowledge and a passion for helping newcomers to a field. This may be someone who thinks of himself or herself as having nothing to teach, yet is actively participating in forums or gatherings with others who share similar interests.

Picture yourself as an independent, online instructor

Are you someone who
  • has skills and knowledge that can benefit others
  • can create content with your computer or tablet
  • wants to learn to publish your own content online

Hundreds of Hours and Thousands of Dollars

That’s what I’ve invested in finding inexpensive resources for freelance teaching. So you don’t have to. You’ll discover great guides, tools, tips and sites to help you:

  • craft content that looks good and works well
  • reach and build your audience
  • streamline delivery of your digital products
  • run a small, smart online business

A Great Side Hustle

As a educator my entire career, I can tell you teaching is a rewarding profession in ways money can’t measure. But we do like to be paid for our time and expertise. Teaching like a smart entrepreneur is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You start small and build slowly, crafting good content to share with your students. They learn. You earn.

Find the resources you need to teach like a smart entrepreneur

Freelance Teaching is an educational site that will help you create and share your own online content. With less effort and a limited budget.

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