Disposable email Service Offers Free Temporary email Address

Temporary email addresses allow you to receive emails that you don’t want in your personal inbox. They make you anonymous and help keep your real email address private. These disposable email services are useful for signing up for free downloads and services. Many of the sites offering free downloads or services require you to enter an email address. They can then use this for marketing or simply to confirm your contact. You can use a temporary address from sites such as 10 Minute Mail when an email address is required. 10 Minute Mail is free to use and you don’t need to set up an account to access it. The site is supported by narrow ad banners. They do accept small donations, so if you find you are using it often, please consider contributing to keep it free. (Though when I viewed the site, the donation section in the footer was covered by the ad). Disposable addresses are deleted after 10 minutes by default, ensuring that no one else can get your messages. You can also extend the time by 10 minutes if you need to. Available for both desktop and mobile devices.

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